BXTLC: Trackball Light Controller
For games with standard trackball with Happ Opto-boards or Major Havoc Roller controller
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Highpower LED's:


The LED's supplied with the BXTLC board are not just any run-of-the-mill superbright LED. These are 1W large-die (3mm) LED chips mounted into an 8mm diameter package with an integral heatsink. The entire LED package is then mounted onto a 20mm diameter solid aluminum platform that keeps the LED cool during operation. Each LED is capable of delivering up to 100 lumens of light at its rated current of 350 mA.

The series resistor on the BXTLC board is chosen to limit the current of the LED to about 250mA peak. This produces a maximum average LED current of about 170mA and an average maximum power of about 0.5W. Operating the LED at a level lower than its rated maximum will ensure extremely long LED life (i.e. 50,000 hours minimum).

Note: After 2013-05-15: The BXTLC board is shipped with a small assortment of resistors of different values so that the end user can optimize the peak brightness to their preferred level. The PCB will have a pair of small sockets that allow the resistors to be removed and installed without solder or special tools. More details, photos, and a simple chart will be provided in the near future to assist you with changing the resistor to suit your application.

Each BXTLC board is supplied with one pre-wired LED of the color of your choice.

LED Colors:


Here's two slightly different exposures of the LED's together to give you an idea of how they compare to each other.
The order is: Red, Green, Blue, Warm White, Cool White
The background is plain white printer paper.

LED colors compared LED colors compared


Wire Colors:

All of the LED's come pre-wired. They all have a black wire that indicates the (-) negative terminal.

The (+) positive lead wire color represents the color of the LED as follows:

LED Color: Wire Color:
Red Red
Green Green
Blue Blue
Warm White White with red stripe or white with a red marker near the connector
Cool White White with blue stripe or white with blue marker near connector


Color Comparison:

The trackball is a Groovy Game Gear translucent clear ball (electric ice)
Exposures all at aperture F8.

Red LED: Shutter speeds 1/10'th and 1/40'th second


Green LED: Shutter speeds 1/10'th and 1/40'th second


Blue LED: Shutter speeds 1/10'th and 1/40'th second


Warm White LED: Shutter speeds 1/10'th and 1/40'th second


Cool White LED: Shutter speeds 1/10'th and 1/40'th second


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Last revised: May 15, 2013