BXTLC: Trackball Light Controller
For games with standard trackball with Happ Opto-boards or Major Havoc Roller controller
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Installing the BXTLC in Major Havoc:

Whether Major Havoc is an original dedicated machine or a conversion, most people agree that playing the game with the roller controller is the best way to play. Fortunately, the roller was intended to be lighted from day one. Of course, back in the old days, it was lighted by a simple incandescent lamp placed underneath the roller assembly.

Nowadays, we have the luxury of choosing from many different lighting products. There are a lot of faders and blinkers and pretty LED's of all sorts. Take your pick. For my Space Duel to Major Havoc conversion machine, I decided that I wanted a light for the roller that would react to the motion of the roller. I also wanted something that would be very easy to install and that would not require me to cut into the existing control panel wiring. To this end, I produced the BXTLC board.

Here's the roller controller inside the control panel with nothing yet done to it...

Here's the roller controller with the BXTLC board plugged into the opto-board...


Here's the LED mounted to the inside of the roller chassis. It's simply glued in place using JB-Kwik epoxy.


The old lamp socket is secured on one of the roller mounting studs. It's okay to leave it wired. I just removed the lamp from the socket. Note the green and black twisted pair of wires exiting the roller chassis. Those are the LED wires and I should get back in there and add a plastic wire-tie to secure them to the chassis. Maybe the tie will go through the bearing shaft mounting slot right above the screw that's holding the bearing block.


Here's a view from the inside of the cab with the control panel closed. As you can see, there's tons of room for the BXTLC board.


Here's the completed panel. Check out the video below to see the new roller light in action!





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Last revised: May 15, 2013