Space Duel to Major Havoc Conversion Introduction

Space Duel is one of my favorite color vector games. It has nice graphics and is fun to play. I especially like the Space Duel platform because it is easy to convert to Black Widow and Gravitar, two more great Atari games. Over the last few years, I have collected three Space Duel machines. One of them remains as a Space Duel (that will also play Gravitar using a simple control panel plug-in adapter), one has been converted to a dedicated Black Widow, and the third is my Major Havoc conversion.

Major Havoc is among the most collectable of the classic arcade games of the 1980's. Not only is the game fun to play, it's one of the most sophisticated color vector games ever produced. The game was available as a dedicated machine housed in an unusual, unique, and attractive cabinet. The number of dedicated cabinets produced was relatively low which tends to make the game even more attractive to serious collectors. Fortunately for those who would like to own their own Major Havoc arcade machine but have not had any luck locating a dedicated cabinet version, Atari also released the game as conversion kits for both Space Duel and Tempest. The kit that was used for Space Duel could also be used for Black Widow and Gravitar conversions.

My SD to MH conversion project...

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Last update: Aug. 21, 2011

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Atari 1983: Color Vector, 1 or 2 player



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