Sega 1982

Power Supply Pics: Before Rebuild


Notice in the following pictures that the screws holding the regulators and the transistors are going through holes that are much too large for a standard 4-40 screw. Obviously the heatsink was not originally manufactured for this application but Sega decided to use it as it was. This arrangement not only requires installation of retaining nuts and washers on the other side, but it causes another potentially serious problem. Because the mounting holes are much too large, if the screws are tightened too much they will actually bend the soft copper tab of the component body. This can lead to fracturing of the component body and failure of the component. During my restoration of the power supply, I drilled and tapped new 4-40 holes for each component. This eliminated the stress on the components and the unnecessary nuts and washers from the other side.


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Power Supply Pics: Before Rebuild
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