Electronic Component Replacement Lists:

For many folks, the most difficult part of any restoration project is repairing the circuit boards. Aside from troubleshooting the circuitry, the next greatest challenge is purchasing the required components. The hardest part of doing that is simply figuring out the part numbers. The art of determining exactly what to buy and where to buy it is called sourcing. Over the years, I have been relatively proficient at this task. I am providing the following lists in the interest of helping others to repair and maintain their machines. I endevour to prevent errors, but you are ultimately responsible for your own projects. I will not be held responsible for costs or problems related to errors in any list on my website. If you encounter an error, I would appreciate it if you email me a notification of the error so that I can correct it. My lists are going to be limited to those games in my collection that I've repaired and/or restored.


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