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Star Castle Monitor Keltron HV box:

The Cinematronics B&W vector monitor with digital input was first produced for Space Wars and Tail Gunner. An almost identical version was released for Vectorbeam Space War, Speed Freak, and Star Hawk. This early version of the design included the HV components on the deflection board. Later games such as Star Castle, Armor Attack, Rip Off, Solar Quest used a newer version of the monitor that was built with the HV section of the deflection board unpopulated and a separate HV box was bolted onto the monitor frame. The most popular HV box was referred to as the Keltron HV box, hence the term 'Keltron monitor'.

The following list of parts is specific to the gold colored Keltron HV box and is not suitable for use with older monitor boards that include the HV components. Also be aware that some games were released with a smaller black HV box for which this list is not suitable.

Description Application Digikey # Alternate part # Qty $ USD each or /pkg
1N456A diode, high conductance, 30V, 1A, DO-35, Fairchild Semi D1, D2 1N456A-ND   2 no stock
1N758 diode zener, 10V, 500mW, DO-35, Fairchild Semi D3 1N758A-ND 1N5240B-TPCT-ND 1 $0.75/10
1N281 discontinued, Vf=0.27V: Replaced with 1N4448 high conductance fast diode, Fairchild D10 1N4448CT-ND   1 $0.06
HX10M ? D31,D32     2  
DT230HI ? See note #1 below D41,D42     2 $1.00
BD537J, replace with D44H11, Transistor NPN 80V 10A TO-220 Q1, Q2 497-2616-5-ND   2 $1.03
TIP41A Transistor NPN 60V 6A TO-220, STMicro Q2 497-5170-5-ND   1 $1.08
TIP31A Transistor NPN 60V 3A TO-220, STMicro Q1 497-2602-5-ND   1 $0.69
LM723CN IC voltage regulator 14-DIP, STMicro OR UA723CN: IC voltage regulator 14-DIP, Texas Inst. IC1 497-1596-5-ND $0.72 296-11104-5-ND $0.88 1 $0.72
680 ohm, 1W, generic: Replaced with Phoenix 680 ohm, 1W, 5%, metal film mpn: 5073NW680R0J12AFX R2 PPC680W-1CT-ND PPC680DCT-ND 1 $1.74/5
4.7 kohm, 1/4W R4, R27 4.75KXBK-ND   2 $0.49/5
10 kohm, 1/4W R5, R10, R16 10.0KXBK-ND   3 $0.49/5
10 ohm, 1/2W R18 10.0XBK-ND   1 $0.49/5
1 kohm, 1/2W R8, R11, R31 1.00KXBK-ND   3 $0.49/5
33 kohm, 1/2W R17 PPC33KW-1CT-ND BC33KW-1CT-ND 1 $1.74/5
100 ohm R3, R33 PPC100ZCT-ND   2 $1.19/5
0.75,BWH,1W ? R7        
18 ohm, 1/2W R14 PPC18.2ZCT-ND BC18.2ZCT-ND 1 $1.19/5
27 ohm, 1/2W R42 PPC27W-1CT-ND   1 $1.74/5
22uF,50V,elect,axial: Replaced with BCcomponents
#2222 021 38229, 22uF/63V, 6mm dia, 10mm lead space
C1, C5 4068PHCT-ND   2 $0.55
0.022uF,35V,mica,radial: Replaced with C322C223K1R5TA
0.022uF, 100V, 10%, ceramic, radial
C3 399-4349-ND   1 $0.27
1000pF,100V,disc,radial: Replaced with Panasonic ECK-A3A102KBP or TDK Corp. CK45-R3AD102K-NR
1000pF, 1kV, ceramic disc, Y5P, 10mm dia, 5mm lead space
C4 P9542-ND 445-2725-ND 1 $2.83/10
1uF, 35V, tant, radial: Replaced with 1uF, 50V electrolytic Panasonic ECE-A1HKG010 C6 P931-ND   1 $0.18
0.1uF, 12V, disc, radial: Replaced with Vishay/BC Components
0.1uF, 50V, ceramic, X7R, 10%, mpn: K104K15X7RF5TH5
C7,C15 see note #2 BC1101CT-ND 478-3185-ND 2 $0.81/10
0.001uF, 35V, disc, radial: Replaced with Kemet 1000pF, 100V, 10%, ceramic, radial, mpn: C315C102K1R5TA C16 see note #3 399-4144-ND   1 $0.17
0.0016uF, 400V, film, axial: Replaced with TDK Corp. 1kV, 1500pF, 10%, radial, mpn: CK45-R3AD152K-NR C31 445-2727-ND   1 $0.95/5
0.01uF, 500V, disc, radial: Replaced with Murata ceramic cap 10000pF, 500V, X7R, radial, mpn: RDER72H103K2K1C11B C33, C34 490-3797-ND 445-2641-ND 2 $0.49
0.036uF, 100V, film, axial: Replaced with Kemet ceramic cap
0.033uF, 200V, 10%, ceramic, radial, mpn: C330C333K2R5TA
C41 399-4406-ND   1 $0.46
47uF, 100V, elect, radial: Replaced with United Chemicon
47uF, 160V, 10mmDx20mmHx5mmLS,
mpn: EKXG161ELL470MJ20S
C44 565-1426-ND   1 $0.52
Total: $25.19

Note #1: Use "DT230b FS Diode sub for D506 19V2000" from The Real Bob Roberts.
Note #2: C15 was mislabeled on the silkscreen of my Keltron board as C5.
Note #3: C16 can be replaced with same part as used for C4.

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