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Galaga Ribbon Cables:

Repairing my Galaga board involved getting some custom chips from Mike's Arcade and some old memory chips from Arcadechips.

I also had to replace the 50 conductor ribbon cable and the PCB headers and I got those from Digikey as follows (Aug.31, 2006, Stock Prices last updated Sept. 16, 2007):


Description Application Digikey # Alternate part # Qty $ USD
Cable ribbon, 50 conductor, 60" makes Xevious and Galaga PCB interconnect (requires 2-4" ea). This is the ribbon only. MC50G-5-ND $8.13 AE50G-5-ND (CHEAPER) $5.88 1 $5.88
PCB Ribbon Sockets, 50 conductor, right angle, manufacturer: 3M This is the PCB mounted socket that the ribbon cable plugs into. Be warned: The old ones can be difficult to desolder and remove without damaging the PCB. MHR50K-ND   2 $4.58
PCB Ribbon Sockets release lever makes it easy to pop out the ribbon cable plugs from the board, $7.90/100, $0.21/pair



  1 $0.21
Wiremount sockets for 50 conductor cable. These plugs attach to each end of the ribbon cable.



  2 $2.35
Wiremount socket strain relief for 50 conductor plug. The strain-relief helps retain the ribbon to the plug but is not absolutely required. MKSR50-ND   2 $0.28
Total: $20.51


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