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Old Lamp Dimmer Project:

Several years ago, I was interested in building my own PIC microcontroller based lamp dimmer device. It worked very well for me and I'm still using several of the boxes in my own home to this day. People outside of North America have reported problems controlling the device remotely largely due to the fact that my code does not support a format called "RC5". You would have to write your own program to support this format or any other that the original program doesn't appear to work with.

The zip file contains the user's manual, construction guide, schematics, PCB layouts, and PIC microcontroller source code. You may use the information for your personal education or hobby interests. I am not responsible for its use, misuse, or it's performance or lack thereof. Use it at your own risk.

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"Plasma Displays & Inert Gas Discharge Tubes"
by William Boucher

Delay loop calculator for Microchip PICmicro (assembly language routine generator)
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