I haven't gotten around to making my full presentation for Asteroids Deluxe yet, but here's a tip...

When I got my Asteroids Deluxe, the CRT overlay was in very bad shape. The black cardboard shroud that surrounds the CRT is flat so it is easily duplicated. I took the original shroud piece to a local picture framing store. Using the original piece as a template, the guy there made a new shroud from flat black picture matting material. It's about 3/64" thick and is stiffer than the original.

The light blue transparent filter sheet was covered with dirt, scratchs, smoke film, and a lot of adhesive left behind by old tape. The filter had to be replaced. I ordered free color filter media swatchbooks from http://www.mainstage.com.  I used these to match up the original overlay sheet with exactly the correct color media. I order this media online. One 20" x24" sheet is all you need. I cut it to size and attach it to the new cardboard shroud with mylar tape (it'll last forever) to make a completely new CRT overlay.

Filter Media:


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