CinExor Board Header Options:

If you are interested in getting one of the CinExor boards (without the wiring), you may choose how you would like the P1, P2, and P3 ports populated. Let me know what port connectors you prefer.

IDC header:
This header will fit standard IDC sockets with 0.1" pitch that are pressed onto 16-conductor 0.050" pitch flat ribbon cable. There are also many brands of such socket housings that support individual wires, an example shown below right. If you prefer ribbon cable, you can purchase the cable and sockets separately and assemble your own, or you can purchase a cable with a socket already attached at one end, or both ends, as you like.


DIP socket:
This socket will fit an IDC DIP plug attached to 16-conductor 0.050" pitch flat ribbon cable. Alternatively, you can use the DIP plugs that accept individual wires such as the ones shown on my site that plug into the DIP sockets on the CCPU board.


You can have the ports left empty and decide later. I suppose that you could solder the wires directly into the holes, but I highly recommend not doing that. The wires tend to break easily near the holes over time since there is no strain relief and they become unreliable. It is also inconvenient not being able to remove the cables when performing any sort of maintenance.


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Last updated: Feb. 28, 2009