Item for sale:

IRFZ22 (International Rectifier)

NOS N-channel Power Mosfet (HEXFET Transistor)

(remaining stock 1000+)

Download IRFZ22 Datasheet

This very common n-channel power mosfet can be used in DC circuits as a high current low-side driver switch for solenoids, lamps, motors, and so forth. Several can be easily connected in parallel in order to drive even more current. The MOSFET gate can be driven by low power signal sources such as standard +5 VDC CMOS logic outputs, by comparator outputs, or by small transistors. Power delivered to a load may be varied by applying a PWM (pulse width modulated) signal to the gate of the mosfet.

Minimum Order Qty: 10

Pricing (USD):
Piece Price
10 - 24
25 - 50





Note: Shipping will be calculated by weight and destination at time of sale.


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