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Galaxian was my very first arcade machine and it is the game that drew me into collecting games in the first place.

Galaxian is often stated to be the first color raster video game (released in 1979), but that is simple not the case. I personally played an Indy 800 machine at least 2 years earlier that had 8 different colored cars. I remember it well because I was so amazed by the vivid colors.


I never thought that I would even consider selling my Galaxian, but the economy has taken a turn for the worse and I feel that I must start selling off some machines from my collection. My loss will certainly be someone's gain.

This machine has been completely restored except for the sideart (and front art) and that it's missing the cardboard shroud around the monitor. Everything else has been done.

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About this machine :

+ Of course the game plays perfectly.

+ Monitor was recapped a year ago and works perfect. The picture is great. Also, the width coil is new and the video connector header and harness connector is new.

+ Cab has new 2.5" casters and comes with new green T-molding not installed.

+ Control panel was professionally stripped and powder-coated last year. The control panel overlay is brand new color-matched diecut repro from thisoldgame. The buttons and switches are new and the joystick fully stripped, powder-coated, and rebuilt. The run of repro overlays is sold out and so they are no longer available. You will never see a Galaxian control panel as beautiful as this again!

+ Marquee is a new underlay sandwiched between two pieces of new 1/8" plexi.

+ Marquee retainer bars are newly powder-coated.

+ Coin door is in great shape. It was stripped and powdercoated recently. Both mechs work. The coin inserts are brand new and lighted. Coin box is new.

+ Interior has been thoroughly cleaned.

+ Bezel is in very good shape and is not flaking. Cardboard bezel is missing.

+ Power switch is new.

+ Both locks front and rear are brand new and have 2 keys each.

+ Cab art is present but should be replaced. Cab itself has no damage.

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Note : This machine sold Aug. 13, 2009