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IC 74 Logic Circuit replacement for AM24LS2519

Pengo Expansion Pack and High Score Save Module (plays both versions of the game too)

Pengo do-it-yourself High Score Save Guide

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I lucked out when I found this machine. I used to enjoy playing Pengo very much in the early 80's at my local arcade. In my opinion, it is a very underrated game. Most guys won't admit it if they do remember it. Let's face it, it's hard to look tough or cool while playing with a cute red penguin running around an ice rink inside a robin's egg blue cabinet.

I said I lucked out when I found this game because of its above average condition. This machine was won buy its first owner in a Quaker Oats contest in 1982. I am now the 2'nd owner. I found this machine in perfect working condition with hardly a mark on it. It had a bit of smoke film buildup on it, but that was easily cleaned with "simple green" household cleaner. The machine still has the original manual with schematics and setup papers and all labels, including a note in the coin box describing how to start the game. It was factory wired to tie the player 1/2 start buttons to the coin inputs so that pressing those buttons would add credits and also start games. The coin mechs still look like brand new but I doubt they've ever seen a coin drop.

The interior of this machine is entirely factory original and is still in perfect condition. There was no dust on anything. The monitor coils and chassis look like they are about a month old.

When I got this game, it was playing the original version of the game. Fans of Pengo will remember that the game played the song "Popcorn". That was true in the final version of the game. It is the version that I remembered and it is the version that I prefer. Besides playing better music, the Popcorn version of the game draws the maze at the beginning of each level in a more interesting way and there are fewer Snobees chasing you and they do not chase you anywhere near so relentlessly. This feature makes the game more fun because it gives you a chance to line up those 3 diamond cubes for extra points.

All I had to do in order to make the machine play the Popcorn version was to program and install a new set of eight 2732 eprom chips. I kept the original set in case anyone ever decides that they want to restore the machine to the factory-original condition. I do not know who the aforementioned "they" person might be since I plan to hang on to this one, but you never know.

Game was sold Mar. 2011.