My First Robotron Machine:

Just what I needed, another total project... I had a buddy who had an old empty Robotron cabinet that he wasn't using. He gratiously donated the empty cabinet to me, advising me to convert it to a Joust. You see, I had a Joust whose cabinet was in rough shape and my friend thought that it would be easier for me to paint the Robotron cab as a Joust and thenmove all the guts over and thereby end up with a sweet looking Joust. Robotron and Joust share the same cabinet design. Only the artwork and control panel controls are different. Okay I thought, sound advice. Some time flew by and I realized that classic arcade games were getting pretty difficult to find in my area. A shabby cabinet I can fix, and what would I do with a shappy Joust cabinet if I already have a really nice Joust machine? With that thought, I decided to restore the Robotron cabinet into a full game and add it to my collection.

The restoration process begins again:


Oh, but where to start? Fortunately, my empty Robotron cabinet wasn't really quite empty after all so the first order of business, as always, was an overall inspection to assess what was there and what wasn't.

Parts present:

Parts missing:

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Pictured below is how the game looked when the project started, just after I removed the bezel, control panel, the coin doors, the marquee lamp fixture, and the back doors. Overall, I don't think this is in too bad of shape. Sure, it needs paint and a lot of parts, but there's no broken wood, no water damage, and no extra holes or anything like that. It'll be a good project. It'll cost some money and take some time, but in the end, it'll be cool!





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