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Overall Description:

This game is in full working condition. The cab needs cosmetic repairs but all of the electronics has been serviced and is all working fine. The game comes with a new CPO (not installed), a new bezel underlay (not needed since bezel art is 9/10), a spare joystick, and a spare joystick spider centering rubber.


The original Hanterex monitor crt was damaged last year during shipping so the guts of the monitor and the crt were replaced with a freshly re-capped Wells Gardner GO7. The monitor electronics are clean and working fine. The crt has a very small amount of phosphor burn but it is hardly noticeable even when the game is off. When the game is on, you can't see it. The colors are great and the focus and brightness is very good.


The power brick on this game was removed, painstakingly cleaned, and then repaired. Also, a new harness connector with trifurcon terminals was installed.

The power regulator board was completely restored with a new bridge (with additional heatsink added), all new caps installed, new regulator chips with new sockets, and all new connector headers. The connector for the off-board transistors on the black heatsink was replaced and has all new trifurcon terminals for long life and reliable operation.

All of the game boards are clean and working perfectly.


The cabinet has seen better days but has no water damage or swelling and is very solid. The bottom edges are a bit tattered but could be repaired with some small pieces of new wood and some bondo work. A new coat of black paint would do it a lot of good cosmetically and the sideart could use a once-over with a touchup brush by someone with a little patience. The interior has been vacuumed out and is fairly clean throughout.

Doors and Locks:

The coin mech door has the two mechs but they'll likely need to be replaced, or at the very least just very well cleaned. The return buttons are both present and light up. The coin door lock should be replaced. It's there and has a key but needs work.

The coin vault door is present but needs a new lock. The coin box is present.

The rear upper door is brand new and has brand new lock hardware and key.

The rear lower door is original and could use a bit of TLC along the top edge but it works fine as is and the latches are ok.

Control Panel:

All of the control panel buttons work and all of the lights under the buttons also work. The 49-way optical joystick works fine and the game comes with a spare one. The CPO is a 6/10 with a few minor cig burns but the game comes with a 10/10 new CPO that you can install.

Bezel & Marquee:

The bezel is original glass with silkscreened artwork. It's a 9/10, is not peeling at all. The marquee is a 8/10 and has only very minor scratches on the front (easily removeable with Novus 123). The marquee lamp is a modern steel enclosed 18" lightstick.

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