Play Gravitar on a Space Duel Machine:

Gravitar was not a huge money maker back in 1982 because, frankly, the game is difficult to play. The majority of people wanted to play games that were simple and easy. While the Gravitar controls were simple, the gameplay was anything but. As a result, many Gravitar machines were quickly pulled out of the arcades or converted to Black Widow.

However, despite Gravitar's relatively short presence in the arcades, some people still remember the game as one that they found challenging and as such, addictive. Many collectors like the game so much that they prefer to own a dedicated Gravitar machine. I would too, that is if I could find one.

Not to worry though, there's more than one way to have your own working Gravitar machine. You can play it on a Space Duel machine with very little effort. All you have to do is swap the game board and plug in a simple wiring adapter and you are good to go.

Assuming that you already have a Space Duel machine and a working Gravitar board, all you need now is the wiring adapter. Download the following pdf file to see how you can make your own wiring adapter. The pdf file contains a complete parts list with sources, assembly instructions, and lots of pictures. Before long, you will be playing Gravitar and if you do not want to give up your Space Duel, that's okay because you can always swap the boards back and unplug the wiring adapter in less than two minutes.

Download pdf (right-click on link and select "save target as"):



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Atari 1982: Color Vector, 1 or 2 player

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